Selenti's Pizza


Selenti's Pizza

Quality Makes the Difference

Serving Friends, Family and Neighbors since 1976.

  • Dough Made Fresh Daily
  • Original Sauce Recipe
  • 100% Whole Milk Cheese

Pizza by the Slice

Served 11 am - 6 pm daily

The Meatlovers

Pepperoni, Ham, Bacon, Sausage

The Veggie

Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Black Olives, Yellow Banana Peppers and Tomatoes


The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Sub Deli Meats

Sliced Fresh Daily

Our Hometown Favorite, the Ham, Cheese & Pepperoni meats are sliced fresh, daily.

Rich Stephanchick

Oven Aficionado

Owner of Selenti's since 2006 and one of it's first employees in 1976.  Rich has always wanted to bring Selenti's back to it's original roots, with fresh local ingredients, quality toppings, and a blend of provolone and mozzarella cheese.  Selenti's equals quality in Lorain.

Selenti's Own Chicken

Used in salads, dinners & pizzas!

Selenti's Own Chicken is seasoned and baked on site.  Freshly made,  just for you.

                                Dough Made Fresh Daily

Sizes: Bite Size - 4 slices

           9" - 6 slices

          12" - 8 slices

          16" - 12 slices

          Sheet 18" x 25"  serves 10-12 people




People of Selenti's

Selenti's: The place where customers become friends, and friends become family.

People of Selenti's

Selenti's: The place where customers become friends, and friends become family.

Bought by Richard Stephanchick in October 2006, Selenti's has been a staple in the City of Lorain since 1976.  Rich began working for the original owner, his cousin, Mark Selent in 1976 during his high school years at Admiral King.  After his 1979 graduation, Rich attended and graduated from Ohio University in 1983.  With over 22 years of retail experience, Rich returned to his pizza making roots in 2006.

Who are the people in the pictures?   At the top is Eric Salas, a manager at Selenti's. Then there's Molly Kirchner, wow, we get the biggest peppers!  Marcus Salas is hard at work. And there's Mama Rosie, she's Rich's mom and the best of us all.  Who's that sitting with Rich?  Why it's one of the original workers, Laurie Jackson.   She stopped in from Arizona, just to say HI!  Anyone remember Jessica?  She is Rich's daughter, and was a manager.  There's a blast from the past, there's Teress with Marcus.  Then there's Chris being a show off, throwing the dough. Finally, we have Brandon, our King of the Sheet Pizza. Seriously, it's the people who make Selenti's, past and present. Thanks to all.

Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials

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It all started when...

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